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Our Conference

In 2013, the members of our MUN Club decided to bring the tradition of MUN to the German School of Thessaloniki by organizing an internal conference open to students of our school. The conference started with having only one committee, but it kept growing every year. Five years later, the most passionate members of our Club formed a team aiming to expand this internal tradition in order to give a chance to students from all around the world to gather on the premises of DST and experience a simulated session of the United Nations organized by students for students. 


The 1st DSTMUN conference was a three-day simulation (2-4 November 2018) and consisted of 4 General Assembly Committees and 3 Specialized Agencies. It offered the chance to junior high school and high school students (8th 12th grade) to practice their English and communication skills by debating and negotiating, aiming to find solutions to global issues. 


By the time the 1st DSTMUN came to an end, the members of the first Organizing Team were immediately begging for a second edition. The 2nd DSTMUN (8-10 November 2019) was not only an improved version of the first one but also another chance for students to debate, make unforgettable memories, and flourish in an environment that is tailored to promote hard work and collaboration. 

The 3rd DSTMUN, which was planned to take place in November 2020, did not take place due to the coronavirus pandemic in order to ensure everyone's safety and health. However, the members of the Secretariat, the Student Officers and the Press Team managed to shoot informative videos and write articles about the issues of the agenda so as to keep the MUN spirit alive, even during quarantine. The next year, the pandemic had not passed yet. So the organisers of the 4th DSTMUN had to come up with a solution to this problem. And so they innovated and DSTMUN became one of the first conferences to be held as a hybrid conference, meaning some MUNers participated online, while others were on campus.

Ever since 2022, with the 5th DSTMUN we are strongly back, as a 100% live conference. And both the 5th and the 6th DSTMUN conferences were a big success not only for us organisers, but for all participants. We intend on continuing just in the same way and therefore invite you all to participate in our next upcoming conference, the 7th DSTMUN in 2024!


In general, MUN conferences offer participants the opportunity to raise their voices, get familiarized with current international challenges, and develop their personalities. We are, therefore, honored to have established the tradition of MUN in our school, and we wholeheartedly invite you all to become a part of the DSTMUN family, have fun and conquer the art of diplomacy!

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