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 Our Partnership with MUN Impact

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Model United Nations has affected millions of delegates in personal, social and academic ways. But there’s always been a missing link-translating your knowledge and skills into actual impact in the world. MUN Impact seeks to fill this gap by giving you to the delegates tools, ideas, networks and inspiration to take action in their community. The MUN community is ready to partner with the United Nations, promote the SDGs and create the positive change our world needs. 

The purpose of the SDG Inventory is to create a process/tool for students to evaluate programs, clubs or initiatives in their school, and to see the degree to which they align with the SDGs. 

The SDG Inventory was developed thanks to a number of conversations within the MUN Impact community, and has proven to be a very popular idea and tool for MUN clubs within schools. 

Each month MUN Impact's student Press Team produces "Community", MUN Impact’s publication highlighting the many programs and initiatives undertaken by youth around the world.


It includes highlights of MUN Impact's monthly online debates programs, feature sections on direct action taken in the communities to support the SDGs, analysis on current events, spotlight features on MUN Alumni and more.

The 100,000 Deeds Challenge raises awareness and encourages action on the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).  This Challenge is a youth-driven initiative, managed by over 120 students from around the world, including over 50 student translators working to make this Challenge accessible to all.

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