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 The School

The German School of Thessaloniki.

A School with over 130 years of tradition.

The German School of Thessaloniki first opened in February 1888. Ever since it has been an inextricable part of Germany’s “Emigrant Cultural and Educational Policy” representing the nation throughout its various phases: Empire (until 1918), Weimar Republic (1918-1933), Third Reich (1933-1945) and, finally since 1949 Federal Republic of Germany. All these phases of German history have influenced the educational policies and practical lessons at German School Thessaloniki, each in their own way. In addition, the way in which Greek society perceives the German education system is also greatly shaped by the work conducted at our school, which today is a private educational institute. Today, the reputation of the German School Thessaloniki is an excellent one: it is validated among one of the best private schools not only in the region, but in all of Greece. Our graduates have went on to obtain significant positions in the state, economy and society of Greece. Many of them have not only done apprenticeships in Germany, but have also completed their studies there, thereby strengthening the bond between these two countries.

As a private school, the German School of Thessaloniki is led by a school council and assisted by the Federal Republic of Germany. The new school building constructed in Pilea was funded solely by Germany and opened its doors in 1996. The new school building constructed in Pilea was also funded by the German state and opened its doors in 1996.

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