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General Assembly

Disarmament and International Security Committee (GA1)

1. The Power Vacuum in West Iran and Eastern Syria

2. The Question of the Use of Artificial Intelligence in Warfare

Economic and Financial Committee (GA2)

1. International Measures for Preventing Global Financial Crises

2. Corporate Accountability in Less Economically Developed Countries (LEDCs)

Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (GA3)

1. The Issue of Global Mass Surveillance by Governments

2. The Consequences of Economic Crises on Human Rights

Special Political and Decolonization Committee (GA4)

1. The Question of Neocolonialism

2. The Question of Admission of Kosovo as a United Nations Member

Specialized Agencies

Security Council (SC)

1. The Case of the Falkland Islands

2. The Question of the Separatist Movement in South Ossetia

Council of EU Ministers (EU)

1. The question of integrating into an ever closer Union

2. The Question of Veto Power among EU Members

3. Reviving European Defence Cooperation

Group of 20 (G20)

1. International Development and the BRICS Development Bank

2. The Question of Protectionist Policies and Trade Wars

3. Combating Corruption in the Private Sector

International Court of Justice (ICJ)

1. The LaGrand case (Germany v. United States of America)

Youth Assembly (YA)

1. Press censorship and political correctness 

2. Improving Educational Systems 

Trade and Development in the 21st century: Are we getting ready for the Future?

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