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Conference Theme

Promoting Peace: Working towards the De-escalation of International Conflicts

United Nations General Assembly 

Disarmament and International Security Committee (GA1)

  1. Taking Measures to Inhibit the Proliferation and Use of Cluster Munitions

  2. Assessing the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Strategic Warfare in regards to Increased Civilian Casualties

Economic and Financial Committee (GA2)

  1. Navigating Supply Chain Challenges in Conflict Zones

  2. Combating Hyperinflation in Latin America

Social Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (GA3)

  1. Protecting Human Rights and Democratic Structures in Southeast Asia

  2. Mitigating the Humanitarian Consequences of Union Busting on Worker Syndicates

Special Political and Decolonization Committee (GA4)

  1. Addressing the Kurdish Statehood Dilemma

  2. Examining the Political Ramifications of the Cocaine Production Chain in Latin American Countries


Specialized Agencies

Security Council (SC)

  1. Mitigating the Effects of the Saudi-Iranian Proxy War on Yemen

  2. Resolving the Territorial Dispute of the Kashmir Region

  3. Addressing the Current Situation in Haiti in regard to Gang Violence

Council of the European Union (EU)

  1. Strengthening Cooperation with Europol and Frontex to combat Cross-Border Crime

  2. Re-examining the EU's Immigration Policy to Facilitate the Safety of Migrants in the Area of the Mediterranean

  3. Re-visiting Data Protection Laws in the context of Artificial Intelligence

North Atlantic Council (NAC)

  1. Working Towards the De-escalation of Tensions and Security Concerns in the Western Balkans

Human Rights Council (HRC)

  1. Providing Humanitarian Relief in the Myanmar Civil War

  2. Examining Ways to Protect Women's Rights under Taliban Rule in Afghanistan

  3. Addressing and Combating Discrimination Against Indigenous Peoples in North America

International Court of Justice (ICJ)

  1. Temple of Preah Vihear (Cambodia v. Thailand)

Youth Delegate Forum on Transnational Conflict Resolution and Peacebuilding (YDF)

  1. Fostering International Cooperation to Counteract Cross-Border Terrorism

  2. Combating Rising Polarisation and Extremization of Political Ideologies

Country List

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