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NOVEMBER 8-10 2019





Dear MUN Directors, Advisors, Delegates,

It is with great pleasure that we hereby invite you to the second DSTMUN conference (Deutsche Schule Thessaloniki Model United Nations Conference) taking place from Friday, 8th November to Sunday, 10th November 2019 at the premises of the German School of Thessaloniki (Deutsche Schule Thessaloniki).

A three-day-long simulation of the proceedings of the United Nations, DSTMUN is aimed at junior high school and high school students (grades 8 to 12) and provides them with the opportunity to improve their English-speaking as well as debating skills when discussing global issues in an international level.

Delegates will not only profit from the conference’s official language being English (employed for preparing resolutions, lobbying, debating, but also socializing), they will also come into contact with the world of diplomacy as they do research on their country’s positions, prepare declarations and resolutions, and learn to negotiate and cooperate in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations, all the while developing their skills of critical analysis, public speaking and compromising.

​The conference will consist of four General Assembly Committees (Disarmament and International Security Committee; Economic and Financial Committee; Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee; Special Political and Decolonization Committee) as well as five specialized agencies (Security Council, Council of EU Ministers, Group of 20, International Court of Justice, Youth Assembly). Depending on the committee they take part in, delegates will do research on a multitude of topics, write draft resolutions and policy statements on these issues and learn to follow the rules and formal ways set by the United Nations.

​This year’s conference topic is “Trade and Development in the 21st century: Are we getting ready for the future?”. We look forward to seeing inspired delegates, ready to find solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges of international commerce. Quoting former US Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton, we would like to remind all delegates that “development also furthers a key goal of our diplomatic efforts: to advance democracy and human rights worldwide”[1] - which is why your pursuit of individual development at this MUN conference will not only serve yourself well, but will ultimately contribute to a better future for us all.​

The DSTMUN website ( provides you with all necessary details concerning registration, preparation, but also this year’s agenda. Please feel free to contact our team for any further information at

We very much hope to welcome you at our conference and send our best wishes until then!

Birgit Becker, Headmistress of the German School of Thessaloniki

Maike Rohkrähmer, MUN Director


[1] The given quote was taken from a speech delivered by Mrs. Clinton to the Center of Global Development in Washington D.C. on January 6, 2010.The full text can be found here:





Deutsche Schule Thessaloniki - DST
Thessaloniki-Thermi 9km (PO-Box 51)
GR-55102 Thessaloniki-Finikas Greece

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