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 Student Officers


Secretary General: Maria Deliporanidou (DST)

Deputy Secretary General: Roy Malta (Moraitis)

President of the General Assembly: Alfred Alexopoulos (HAEF)

Deputy President of the General Assembly: Kyra Giovannopoulou (DST)

Student Officers

Disarmament and International Security Committee (GA1)

Main Chair: Mandy Alevra (HAEF)

Co-Chair: Nikos Kargiotis (DST)

Co-Chair: John Mousios (1st High School of Thermi)


Economic and Financial Committee (GA2)

Main Chair: Eva Deliporanidou (Anatolia College)

Co-Chair: John Megalios (Pierce-The American College of Greece) 

Co-Chair: George Giovannopoulos (DST)


Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee (GA3)

Main Chair: Iliana Tsachpini (DST)

Co-Chair: Marianna Garitsi (Hellenic College of Thessaloniki)

Co-Chair: Spyros Koutsaliaris (DST)


Special Political and Decolonization Committee (GA4)

Main Chair: George Moneftsis (DST), 

Co-Chair: Stefanos Frilingos (HAEF)

Co-Chair: Dimitra Mavroforou (2nd Experimental High School Thessaloniki)


Security Council (SC)

President: George Giannakoulas (Anatolia College)

Deputy President: Philip- Henes Alt (HAEF)

Deputy President: Athina Papageorgiou (Anatolia College)

EU Council of Ministers (EU)

President: Dimitris Drakakis (Anatolia College), 

Deputy President: Katerina Sapanidou (Arsakeio)

Deputy President: Serafeim Ioannidis (DST)


Youth Assembly (YA)

Head: Sofia Mechtidou (Pierce-The American College of Greece)

Co-Head: Katerina Voutsa (Anatolia College)

Co-Head: Fedra Louloudopoulou (Hellenic College of Thessaloniki)

International Court of Justice (ICJ)

President: Maria Kollia (Pierce-The American College of Greece)

Deputy President: Dennis Koudigkelis (Moraitis)

Registrar: Penny Argyri (Pierce-The American College of Greece)

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